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MyCumulus contributes to the quality of life in municipalities through effective management of public space
Man inspecteert openbaar speelgebied met MyCumulus

Dry waiting for the bus, quietly on a bench in the park watching your child play in a well-maintained playground. But also being able to cross the street safely through working traffic lights and lampposts. The quality of life in a municipality stands or falls with well-maintained street furniture. Managers of public space have an important task. Inadequate maintenance or late replacement of broken street furniture due to incomplete or incorrect monitoring lead to unsafe situations or even serious injury.

MyCumulus helps municipalities with effective management of public space. With MyCumulus, inspectors can quickly, easily and efficiently digitally map the condition of street furniture so that targeted and, if necessary, direct action can be taken to repair or replace the furniture.

MyCumulus can be used in many ways: from data acquisition to monitoring and management. In addition, MyCumulus can be combined with GIS management systems that the municipality already uses. With the app, inspectors are able to collect data directly on location, enter it via pre-set forms and send it for processing. The big advantage is that there is less chance of errors when entering data. In addition to GPS location data, GIS, external or central database data and address data can be loaded automatically and it is possible to add photos, sketches or drawings for a complete picture of the situation. By recording trends and patterns, insight is gained into the lifespan of different types of furniture, the locations where most repairs are needed and the costs of maintenance. Municipalities can also plan and implement management and maintenance even better. This leads to lower costs, safer use of public space and a more pleasant and liveable environment for the inhabitants of the municipality.

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