MyCumulus can be used for numerous tasks: inventories at municipalities, localization and documentation of public facilities, fieldwork research, surveys… In short indispensable in any organisation that must collect data, process the data and generate reports.

How It Works

  • Designing Template

    You start off designing your templates, on a web-based interface from the comfort of your seat be it the office or your garden.

  • Data Collection

    Once you set your structures in projects, templates and forms, assigns the fields and users, it’s up and running for your collaborators to work with. Be it if they are on the road, in a warehouse or in the office.

  • Using Data

    They can start collecting data and it can be stored locally or up in the cloud. And once it’s up there, it’s available to anybody with the right privileges. Quick, safe and always at hand.

Making Forms

You make your forms on the MyCumulus website. Just enter the fields, the label, the description and the type of field:

Fields can have a default value, they can be required and can have constraints.

Mobile Data Collection

  • A form will appear on the smartphone as you designed it on the website.

  • A Choice field will make it easy to select the right value.

  • Your data is stored locally and on the MyCumulus server when internet connection is available.

Use your data

View your data on the MyCumulus website or import the data in Pythagoras or Excel.

Learn More

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